Weekly Writing Challenge: Dear Abby

Dear Reader,

It astounds me each week how much mail the Dear Abby office receives. The fact that we are delighted to have such a dedicated, loyal, robust readership is one matter that is not lost on our staff, myself included. But it is yet another, grand matter that we have so many readers who trust Dear Abby enough to write to us with the personal, private dilemmas of their daily lives.

In all the years I’ve had the honor to read these letters, I’ve noticed a trend throughout the changing times, and it’s that people seem to be becoming more and more troubled. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or poor, rich or old, overall, worry in some form seems to growing in its size as a shadow over us. This worry is why I receive so many letters, asking, inquiring, begging, pleading, crying for advice.

I receive too many letters to respond to each of them individually. So now, I will give advice that everyone can use. For your dilemma, whatever it may be, look inside yourself, and listen to the little voice inside yourself that will tell you what to do. So many people who are writing to me also tell me that they’ve already asked many, many other people for advice. And my readers say they are confused. Many, many times, when I read a letter, and I explain to my reader what I believe the right course of action is, it quite often appears that the reader knew in the very beginning what the right course of action was. However, so often, that right course – the truth – gets drowned out by noise. By activity. By worry.

Listen to the truth inside of you. Do as it says. Call the old friend. Save the friendship. Reconcile with someone before it is too late. Don’t let the shadow of worry waste another day for you, dear Reader.

With fondest wishes,



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