Weekly Writing Challenge: Frightening Characters

The absence of humanity is something that Hannibal Lecter has in common with other murderous villains. Our humanity – the essence that makes us think, feel, love, hate, forgive, feel passion, experience anger, sympathize with others and express desires – the humanity can’t be replaced by a machine. It’s a trait that separates us from animals. You and I have our differences, but our humanity brings us together. Lecter has no concern for such humanity non-sense and he certainly wouldn’t let any warm, fuzzy feelings get in the way of the fact that you might be a size 14, and that’s his favorite dish.

Another frightening character from film is the villain of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Much of this film is lost to me as the lead character is a maniac with a chainsaw. His goal is to brutally kill people as quickly as possible. The disturbing part about this story is that the film is inspired by true events. There’s no happy ending after this freak show.



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