BROKEN by Carol DuPre`, Olive Press Publishers: A Book Review


BROKEN:  A Pastor's Wife Shares Her Story

What is a pastor’s wife? What does a pastor’s wife do? Is she supposed to behave, think, act or dress a certain way?

Carol DuPre` has answers to all these questions and it’s a sensitive subject for her.

For nearly 30 years, she was married to a pastor. But her world changed dramatically when relationships broke down and her world shattered. This life-altering event that she metaphorically refers to as “the bus crash” is the focus of BROKEN.

In a collection of highly personal reflections, DuPre` explains how her life unraveled and her faith helped her transition from the crisis into a different life.

BROKEN is an intimate work of what happened in DuPre`s life, but she doesn’t tell all. “The bus crash” event involved many people, but it seems that DuPre` may have intentionally omitted some details. She feels very betrayed by other people’s choices, but she doesn’t share many clear stories about the behaviors of the people who hurt her.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.






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