Crossing’s Redemption by Carrie Daws: Book Review

Crossing's Redemption

Crossing, Oregon, is a quiet, peaceful town where life is ordinary but good. For Patricia Guire and Amber Yager, otherwise normal lives takes unwanted, abrupt turns when secrets of the past must be confronted.

These “skeletons in the closet” create the conflict of Crossing’s Redemption and for each woman, the life-altering event is different. While the back cover of the book would lead you to believe that it is only Patricia Guire facing a crisis, it is both Patricia and Amber entering a deep period of introspection. Daws weaves the struggle of the two characters together wonderfully.

Crossing’s Redemption takes place in today’s world respectfully discussing serious issues. But the way the book resolves some of these problems appears too optimistic. Perhaps it’s a hopeful attempt for how people should react, as the supporting characters model grace. Instead of anger, bitterness, fear, resentment or negativity, Crossing’s Redemption showcases patience and forgiveness, making it an excellent read for those enjoying faith-filled characters confronting real-life issues.

I received a copy of this book free from Ambassador International in exchange for my honest thoughts on this book.

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