Personal Finances Personal Freedom by Chanty Webb: Book Review




From the outside looking in, Chanty Webb and her husband should have had no problem paying their bills or making ends meet.

On the inside, however, their financial house was a disaster.

Webb’s book Personal Finances Personal Freedom uncovers how a nurse and her gainfully employed husband, also a college graduate, found themselves in a situation of excess debt and no emergency savings.

Webb uncovers the key causes of how their debts were acquired, not just saying “I bought a pair of shoes” or “The kids needed school fees”, but going beyond and exploring the ways that money shaped her childhood. She also spoke fondly of how her husband’s way of dealing with money had an influence on their relationship before marriage, and also how the way they dealt with money evolved as they went on a journey of conquering their debts.

What I really loved about this book was that, although it didn’t cover a lot of details about how Webb and her husband got out of debt, it put some humanity on debt. Instead of moralizing and saying “Spending is bad” or “Debt is bad” or “Saving is good”, Webb talked about her personal experiences. She made it very easy to see how large debts can accumulate fast, and her experiences serve as a cautionary warning for those willing to listen. I also loved how encouraging she was- so much so that while I was reading her book, I put it down and confronted some personal finance issues I had been dreading. Chanty Webb is that encouraging!

Overall, I recommend Personal Finances Personal Freedom for those who are starting the beginning steps of getting out of debt and want a coach to push them onto the first steps of the journey. Chanty will tell you: it can be done!

 I received this book from Olive Press Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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