The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional: Book Review


How much time does it take to listen for the voice of the Lord?

With Chris Tiegreen’s The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional, it’s easy to build quiet time into your day.

Every day of The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional begins with a verse and reading that is just long enough to stimulate thought, yet short enough to be completed in the busiest of schedules. The devotional contains one reading for every day of the year, so it can be started anytime. The readings sometimes follow a similar theme for a few days, but this is typically not the case.

A unique feature of this devotional is Tiegreen’s “FROM THE HEART OF GOD” readings. The first time I read one of these, I was a bit taken by surprise, as I didn’t completely understand the concept. Eventually I figured out that it’s Tiegreen’s idea of what God wants us to know, and this is a bold, fresh way of delivering a message.

Who will benefit from this book: I would recommend this book to any Christian who is seeking a devotional to use for private study. This book is ideal for the busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend, yet still wants to spend a few minutes each time on spiritual improvement.

FTC Disclosure: Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. The thoughts and opinions in this book review are my own.

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