Take Command by Jake Wood Book Review

9780804138383What does it take to be a leader, succeed in business, and excel in today’s economic climate? Jake Wood, a veteran, has a thing or two to say about leadership. A former Marine sniper, Wood left business school to establish a non-profit organization that deploys volunteers to respond to natural disasters across the country. This organization, Team Rubicon, rapidly takes command of situations that are often chaotic and filled with hurting people. Wood’s book is based on the premise that you too can learn to take command of situations that may be confusing, chaotic, or rapidly emerging.

Before starting this book, I had two expectations and perspectives: that it could shed some light on how to be a more valuable employee and/or how to be a better entrepreneur. As an employee, I strive to pull my weight while I’m on the clock, but the decisions aren’t mine to make. As an entrepreneur, the decisions are solely mine, and I have autonomy and responsibility for what goes wrong (or right).

Wood understands the responsibilities of the entrepreneur, but for those reading this book as employees only, this book will be frustrating. His advice is geared towards those who are at top level positions, not those who are starting at the bottom and wanting to cultivate their leadership potential. Entry-level workers will be frustrated at how he encourages managers to listen to employees at all levels, yet praises a CEO for making an unprecedented change in the industry and threatening to fire, fire, fire personnel until the workers can make it happen.

Primarily, the value in this book is for those wanting to learn more about the military. Wood talks a lot about his time with the Marines and that is the most valuable portion of the book.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book from the Blogging for Books program for free in exchange for this review.


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