Why did Jesus perform miracles?


Why did Jesus perform miracles?

If your answer includes the idea that performing miracles was Jesus’ way of proving his identity, theologian Brian Onken would challenge you. The idea that Jesus performed miracles to prove his divinity – a concept that Onken refers to as Jesus “pulling His God Card” – is discussed in Onken’s new book More Than His God Card What Jesus Wants You to Know About Him as Revealed In His Miracles. Each chapter of More Than His God Card covers a different miracle that Jesus performed, and Onken uses fresh style to introduce each chapter.

The second Appendix at the back of the book, “Learning to Read Gospel Narratives”, should be read before anything else. If there’s one point that Onken wants to get across, it is that the Bible should be read with an open mind while putting previous ideas aside.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of More Than His God Card from the publisher, Ambassador International, for free in exchange for my honest review.



  1. I interpret the healing miracles metaphorically. For instance when the blind man is healed he is brought out of the darkness and into the Light of the Holy Spirit and can now see as a Christian. On the other hand there are just too many presentations of healings in the books not to perhaps concede they were actual healings. Thanks visit my blog.

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