The No More Excuses Diet: Book Review

Do you find yourself unsatisfied with your body, yet unsure how to change the situation? While many people want to lose weight, obstacles often get in the way. When Maria Kang, a health enthusiast and mother of three, posted a photo of herself online with the caption “What’s Your Excuse?”, it created a mixed reaction on social media. Kang’s supporters felt she was an inspiration and role model for busy women while critics felt she was fat-shaming those not as fit as herself.

Kang’s book, The No More Excuses Diet, is a manifesto of her belief that there is no valid reason for not making fitness a priority. She makes an interesting claim that 80% of a person’s success in weight loss efforts is based on nutritional intake, yet very little of her book addresses meal plans, healthy food choices, or how to transition from junk food to a healthy diet. The No More Excuses Diet is less about diet and more of a pep talk challenging the reader to take action to become fit. While there are exercises included (with photos and explanations of how they should be performed), the book seems at times to be above a beginner mindset, yet too simplistic for someone who already has an established fitness routine.

However, The No More Excuses Diet can help those ready to embark on a healthy lifestyle. It will serve as motivational material to help them make the first important steps.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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