Book Review: The One by Ryan & Amanda Leak with Jodi Lipper

These days, anyone can make a YouTube! video of their wedding, but Ryan and Amanda Leak’s wedding video has a special twist. While they were dating, Amanda revealed to Ryan that it was her dream to eventually become engaged and married all in one day. Ryan, knowing that he wanted to marry her some day, enlisted the help of female friends and started planning a “surprise wedding” –  the day when he would propose marriage to Amanda and marry her that same day, all without her knowing of his plans.

Like many books about Christian marriage and dating, the authors take great pride in recounting their love story and the great features each admires in the other. Husband and wife share in discussing each chapter’s subject, bringing different perspectives.

But The One is a Cinderella story at best. While it does discuss how the Leaks used Biblical principles in their lives, it lacks the emphasis on how “no matter what your relationship status may be, this amazing story begins with you.” The only way this book really addresses singleness is if it’s defined as a marital status only.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the “Blogging for Books” program in exchange for this review.

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