War Room Prayer is a Powerful Weapon Book Review by Chris Fabry

For realtor Elizabeth Jordan, meeting people and helping them sell their homes is all in a day’s work. But one client, Miss Clara, wants for more than just her home to sell. Miss Clara wants to show Elizabeth how to follow Jesus, and she begins this process by showing Elizabeth the most special room in the home – her “war room” – where she spends lots of time in prayer.

The story of War Room maintained enough momentum to keep my interest, and it didn’t take long to finish reading. Miss Clara is a sweet and sincere character. However, there is evidence of an unhealthy dynamic between Elizabeth and her husband. As their marital problems surface, Elizabeth emphasizes how “she needs to change” without an explanation of her mistakes.

War Room is a book about prayer, and the book is a good reminder to believers to tap into the peace we can receive through prayer. However, answers to prayers don’t always arrive the way we want them to, so readers should keep that in mind.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of War Room for review purposes from the publisher, Tyndale House. For more information, visit the Tyndale Blog Network.

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