We Cannot be Silent: Book Review

How do you define marriage? Only a generation ago, marriage was unquestionably a union composed of one man and one woman. In those days, the idea of a woman being married to a woman or a man being married to a man was unthinkable by society in general. But things have changed remarkably within the span of a generation. Same-sex marriage has not only become a socially acceptable concept by great numbers of the general public, but it has been granted as a legal right for those in the United States for those who wish to enter into such a partnership.

Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, combines clear intellectual thought, Biblical doctrine, and an awareness of the legal and cultural complexity of these issues in his new book We Cannot Be Silent. For the many  Christians wondering how same-sex marriage has become legal and acceptable, Mohler maps how our culture arrived at this point. Same-sex marriage, according to Mohler, didn’t just become acceptable overnight, but rather, many other factors have played into the destruction of the sanctity of marriage in American society. Mohler makes a strong case for other factors making the overall state of marriage more vulnerable including the sexual revolution and cohabitation and the acceptance of divorce. He also connects the gay marriage progress to the current transgender revolution. Mohler also posits that our society will probably see marriage evolve into other forms such as polygamy, as there is no legal basis from the Supreme Court to deny this to those desiring it.

Mohler does an excellent job of balancing the Biblical truth of what marriage truly is while still balancing the responsibility of giving compassion to all human beings. He also reminds us that celibacy for anyone who isn’t married (including heterosexuals) should be celebrated by the church.

I recommend this book for any Christian seeking a Biblical perspective on current issues surrounding sexuality and gender identity.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



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