Seven Words of Christmas

If you had to summarize the Christmas story in a few short words, you might say it means the birth of Jesus Christ. You might also say a tiny baby in a manager in a barn. Or, you could say that an innocent baby was born and He eventually saved the world.

Robert Morris takes a slightly different approach to describing Christmas in Seven Words of Christmas. While he would agree with all these statements, he uses seven words to describe the spirit and heart of what the Christmas story means. He expands on each of these seven words to tell the Christmas story.

Seven Words of Christmas would fit nicely on your coffee table, but it’s small. It’s the type of book you could read a little bit of, and come back to. It tells the Christmas story in a way that anyone can understand, so it’s a nice pick for people new to the faith and people who have been Christians for a long time. This would make a great gift to slip in the mail and send to a family that you might not be able to see this year.

DISCLOSURE: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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