Fueled by Fire

Staci Wallace has had a long career in the business world. She is also a Christian woman interested in the idea of femininity and the role this plays in a woman’s life. What pressures do Christian women face in their careers? How do Christian women feel faced to conform to the world in their daily careers? How does a woman’s job connect with her faith?

Wallace pulls stories from the Bible, and none of what I read lacked Biblical accuracy. It’s always important to filter truth from fiction. Unfortunately, this book just didn’t click with me. Wallace talks about how the business world and the Christian life are connected, and I do believe this can be true. This book lost me with its specific metaphors and examples. Ultimately, I did not finish this book. I don’t doubt that there is a way to show that God is present and that God cares about how we do our jobs, but this book wasn’t personally meaningful to me. Perhaps it may be different for you. I think this book might better resonate with women who are at a higher corporate level in their careers. If you’re a CEO, a vice president, if you own multiple businesses, if you are at a more seasoned level in your career, you might really relate to this book.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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