Pause. Breathe. Flourish.

Remember when Oprah Winfrey was always talking about “living your best life”? William D. Parker is talking about how teachers can live their best life, and he has some tips about work-life balance.

Parker moved up the ranks in education from being a teacher, to assistant principal, to principal, to becoming an speaker to audiences in the education field. In Pause.Breathe.Flourish. he shares a critical moment in his career when he had to evaluate what the weight of career was doing to his own personal relationships. This moment isn’t hard to understand, as many people – not just teachers – come to understand the cost that their careers can have on other areas of their lives.

Using this moment to pivot into advice mode, Parker shares his insights in these important areas of self-care, your body, your mind, your influence, your time, your friendships, your intimacy, your legacy, and more. Parker offers some insights that are valuable not just for teachers but for anyone feeling burdened by a heavy work load. He uses the metaphor of an oxygen mask: you can’t help others if you need help. Parker also clearly enjoys education, and this comes through in the stories he tells about his work in the field. Overall, I would highly recommend this book and would recommend his advice be followed before a person reaches the point of burn-out. A little prevention can go a long way!

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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