The Long Game and The Price of Partisanship Book Reviews

Some time ago, I connected with an author on Twitter, Ian Conner. For the first time ever, I’m reviewing two books at the same time. Conner is retired from the United States Marines and was an Army Infantry Sergeant. The first book is The Long Game by Ian Conner.

There’s definitely a military-inspired cover here. You can head over to Amazon if you’re interested in picking up your own copy of The Long Game. You can also take a peek inside this book and read an excerpt for yourself.

Enjoy political thrillers? Perhaps you might be interested in The Price of Partisanship.

Corruption, the press, and crime… if you’re intrigued by these themes, you may enjoy The Price of Partisanship by Ian Conner.

You can check out Ian Conner’s bio on Amazon here.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of both books in exchange for my honest reviews.

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