Ensemble! Using the Power of Improv & Play to Forge Connections in a Lonely World

What does acting, specifically improvisational (improv) acting, have to do with life? Acting is just a game of play, right? It isn’t really relevant for “the real world” – is it? Not so if you ask psychiatrist Jeff Katzman or thespian Dan O’Connor. While their professions are in separate worlds – one in mental healthContinue reading “Ensemble! Using the Power of Improv & Play to Forge Connections in a Lonely World”

Writing Down Your Soul Book Review

Can writing be a spiritual practice? Can we access answers to life’s problems as we write? As we write, are we just talking to ourselves, or is it possible that there’s someone else sitting there with us, listening to the words we place onto the page? Writing Down Your Soul caught my attention because ofContinue reading “Writing Down Your Soul Book Review”

Homeschool Tips- Weaving a Hybrid Life

I’m thrilled to share with you that Oak Meadow’s fall journal is now available! Oak Meadow is based in Putney, Vermont, and they’ve been a trusted homeschool curriculum provider for years. So, if you already homeschool – or you’re thinking about homeschooling – check them out! They offer a free journal and this issue’s themeContinue reading “Homeschool Tips- Weaving a Hybrid Life”

FREE Promo Code for thredUp

Love sustainable shopping? Try this promo code for $10 at ThredUp! ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift store that can help you refresh your style while you clean out your closet! ThredUp offers “Goody Boxes” – curated looks from their stylists – so if you decide to buy a Goody Box, be sure toContinue reading “FREE Promo Code for thredUp”

Batiste Nation – Possible Free Samples

Love free samples? Love product offers? Love dry shampoo? Then join Batiste Nation, where we live like nobody’s washing! As a Batiste Nation member, you’ll get “insider access” to their products, get special offers, and even qualify for free products, according to the Batiste Nation website. Joining is free & you can join Batiste NationContinue reading “Batiste Nation – Possible Free Samples”