30,000 Stitches Book Review/Giveaway

On September 11, 2001, a tragedy struck New York City that could not be forgotten by anyone who witnessed it. Young children today can’t comprehend the extent of this tragedy, but it is possible to explain it to them – while retaining some form of hope or love in humanity? 30,000 Stitches is the inspiringContinue reading “30,000 Stitches Book Review/Giveaway”

The Night Baafore the First Day of School

Is it too early to start thinking about back-to-school? It’s only July, so it’s not too early to start thinking about books you might want a month from now. Ever tried to count sheep when you couldn’t sleep? Ever felt nervous the night before a big day? Ever encountered some mischievous sheep? Have a lookContinue reading “The Night Baafore the First Day of School”

Book Review- Penguin & Moose Brave the Night

You might remember the old children’s cartoon that featured Rocky and Bullwinkle, the moose and the squirrel… but what about a moose and a penguin? What kind of adventures might a moose and a penguin have together? Penguin & Moose Brave the Night when the two have a sleepover. Unfortunately for Penguin, Penguin has aContinue reading “Book Review- Penguin & Moose Brave the Night”

The Woman’s Book Of Courage – Book Review

Ever feel like you need some courage? Ever feeling a bit less than brave? Everyone, if they’re honest, can probably relate to that feeling. Maybe you can’t relate to the feeling of picking a book to read based on the cover, but check this out! I couldn’t say no to this book with its cosmic-lookingContinue reading “The Woman’s Book Of Courage – Book Review”

Book Review: God’s Always Loving You

Have you ever read a children’s book that seemed to have a message that adults could also relate to? I’ve started reading/reviewing children’s books, and I’m noticing that the best kinds of children’s books are written for kids, but the grown-ups can get something out of it too (if they search for it). Disclosure: IContinue reading “Book Review: God’s Always Loving You”