Jesus Freaks Book Review

They received death threats. They were warned to say they would stop believing. They were told that if they did not change their actions, there would be dire consequences. All of this because of their relentless dedication for a Gospel that is still, today, deemed offensive to so many people. Jesus Freaks tells the storiesContinue reading “Jesus Freaks Book Review”

My Hat by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green

What happens when you lose something and the weather doesn’t cooperate? Find out in My Hat, by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green. The authors of this book have a special relationship: Vinny is Jaila’s uncle, and Jaila was going into sixth grade when this book was written. I’m not sure how they decided onContinue reading “My Hat by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green”

The Return by Nicholas Sparks

Usually, I’m not a big fiction fan; non-fiction dominates my reading time. Usually, I don’t skip to the end of a book; I’m content to read straight through to see what happens. When I started reading The Return by Nicholas Sparks, I got interested in the two leading characters. I really wanted to know moreContinue reading “The Return by Nicholas Sparks”

Quiet Times With God Devotional by Joyce Meyer

Looking for a last-minute Christmas gift for the woman in your life that is hard to buy for? You might want to take a look at this book, Quiet Times with God Devotional, by Joyce Meyer. This is the perfect size for gift-giving and the cover is beautifully designed. It’s a hardback with a bookContinue reading “Quiet Times With God Devotional by Joyce Meyer”

Eyes On Culture: Multiply Excellence In Your School

What does success look like in a school? Is it possible for all kids to succeed? What does it look like to hold teachers accountable? All these questions and more are answered in Eyes on Culture: Multiply Excellence In Your School by Emily Paschall. Paschall shares her passion for education and her experiences as aContinue reading “Eyes On Culture: Multiply Excellence In Your School”