Can You Hear Me Now?

Ever feel like you’re not being heard? Or perhaps not being listened to? If good communication is the glue that holds a relationship together, listening could be where it’s at to keep problems at bay. Husband and wife team Steve and Becky Harling share their advice for “Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow” inContinue reading “Can You Hear Me Now?”

Minutes Matter by K.R. Mele (Book Review)

Ever think about how you’re spending your time? It’s easy for a day, a week, or even a year to slip away. We may wonder where the time went. Life can leave us feeling that there’s not enough time for all that we must do. K.R. Mele takes a slightly different approach to time management.Continue reading “Minutes Matter by K.R. Mele (Book Review)”

Awakenings the Early Days by Ryan Phillips (Book Review)

Where and when have you felt most inspired? For missionary and pastor Ryan Phillips, living in Hawaii was inspiring. Waking up to the sunrise, spending time in solitude with God, Ryan felt spiritually awakened, and he was inspired to journal his thoughts. Who wouldn’t feel energized, inspired, and refreshed by such a beautiful sight likeContinue reading “Awakenings the Early Days by Ryan Phillips (Book Review)”