Dozers Don’t Doze Kids Book Review/Giveaway

Want to win a free copy of a new children’s book? I’m reviewing Dozers Don’t Doze, written by Melinda Rathjen and illustrated by Gareth Williams. Directions for this giveaway will be included in this post, after the review. Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange forContinue reading “Dozers Don’t Doze Kids Book Review/Giveaway”

Cheap Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Remember the days of being a kid on summer vacation? Not having a care in the world was the best thing! Perhaps, though, your child has hit that spot where they’re saying they’re bored! I offer up some cheap ways to prevent summer brain drain (and keep your child occupied) at the Shine-a-Light Press website.Continue reading “Cheap Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain”

The Woman’s Book Of Courage – Book Review

Ever feel like you need some courage? Ever feeling a bit less than brave? Everyone, if they’re honest, can probably relate to that feeling. Maybe you can’t relate to the feeling of picking a book to read based on the cover, but check this out! I couldn’t say no to this book with its cosmic-lookingContinue reading “The Woman’s Book Of Courage – Book Review”

Promo Code for Lemi Shine Cleaning Products

Need to do some cleaning? Looking for a different type of disinfecting wipe or spray? Disclosure: I received free coupons from Lemi Shine to try their products – and I loved them! Lemi Shine now has a special: you can “unlock” 20% off your first order if you provide them with your cell phone numberContinue reading “Promo Code for Lemi Shine Cleaning Products”

Book Review: Talking With God by Dick Eastman

Do you ever think about what prayer is? Do you ever think about how prayer is “supposed” to be? Dick Eastman does, and his new book Talking With God is dedicated to this. You’re definitely not alone if you’re wondering “How am I supposed to pray?” That question – how am I supposed to prayContinue reading “Book Review: Talking With God by Dick Eastman”