After Intermission

If you’ve ever caught the acting bug, you probably understand why theatre goers and actors all over are aching for the time when it will be safe to lift restrictions, and the “show will go on” as normal.

If not, you may be wondering why all the creative types are missing the arts so much right now.

Either way, join me and my friends at Shine-a-Light Press to get some perspective on why the arts are loved, and what the arts truly do here.

Home Made Lovely

Wish you could make your home beautiful? Wondering how you can make your home clutter-free and lovely, like the ones you see on TV? Meet this new book, Home Made Lovely.

Home Made Lovely is a different kind of decorating book. It isn’t just about decorating your home; it’s about decorating your heart. Decorator and designer Shannon Acheson advises us to consider that as we remake our homes, we should consider who we are doing this for, and why. It’s easy to look at what we see on TV and social media, and make comparisons as to how beautiful these homes look. As we might try to measure up or see that we don’t, our motivation should be carefully considered. In summary, our homes should serve us and the people around us. While we want our homes to be beautiful, the function of loving others through our homes should be kept at the forefront of our minds.

She doesn’t recommend having a dull place – quite the contrary! Acheson offers up lots of ideas of how to rejuvenate your living spaces, and many of these ideas are budget friendly. The glossy pages of this book offer realistic ideas of how to be hospitable through all seasons of life. Acheson knows that clutter is a thing, and she doesn’t push for an unrealistic standard of perfection. She keeps it real and encourages women to just strive for something, whatever will work for them.

I am excited to see that, with my non-existent cooking skills, this book has some recipes that might actually work for me… I was not expecting to see this in a book about decorating. Home Made Lovely is a comprehensive guide for how to turn any home into a haven, and I highly recommend it.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Active Shooters in Houses of Worship

Years ago, the term “active shooter” did not exist in our common vocabulary. Today, it does, and active shooters take out their evil in various locations. This sad reality occurs in schools, shopping malls, and places where people worship. In his book Active Shooters In Houses of Worship, Vinny Green discusses how shootings in churches are different from those that occur in other settings. This is a sobering topic, but he urges faith leaders to have a plan in case this were to happen in their congregations.

Green leads G-Square International Training Academy, using his years of experience working in law enforcement. His prior experience includes investigating and exposing hidden corruption in various places of government. He was also in New York City on the day of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Thinking about an active shooter attack is not something that anyone wants to think about. No one wants to consider that this might happen to them, let alone at their church or place of worship. However, Green makes the case that it is something that spiritual leaders need to think about. His recommendations are smart and they aren’t morbid or weird. In our modern world, it would be wise for any pastor, rabbi, priest, or religious advisor to have a “what-if” plan for this type of event. I highly recommend this book for all faith leaders that want to keep their people safe in an ever-changing world.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.