Want to Love Your Work?

Do you want to love your work, or at least enjoy it a little more?

So much of our waking lives is spent at work, but for many people, work is downright drudgery. Still others wish that they could move into a field that would align better with their interests and skills. The idea of work that they could love is just that… an idea.

CEO Robert Dickie wants you to love your work and has some ideas on how you can pivot into a career change. His new book Love Your Work recognizes:

“the Great Recession “refugees” who worked hard, followed instructions, and did everything they were told to do…only to wake up one morning… Instead of being passionate about what you were doing, maybe you found yourself just getting by. You noticed the world changing around you…” (page 5)


To be clear, there is no microwave method for career change success. This book is best meant for those who have some time to calculate their next move, rather than those who are jobless with no time to consider what they want to do next. Dickie acknowledges this, advising that those who need a job fast will need to create a short-term plan first rather than a long-term one.

But for those looking at the long haul, Love Your Work has a lot of ideas. Dickie gives suggestions on how to acquire additional skills or certifications without racking up an enormous amount of debt. He also wants you to be aware of the changes surrounding technology and believes that these are going to be very influential in the work world; even if you don’t work in technology, he believes changes in the tech world are changes you need to be aware of and he gives links to news sources for the industry.

Love Your Work is unique in that it shows a Christian angle in some ways. For example, Dickie uses examples of Bible characters to show the importance of integrity, and he explains how the fruits of the Spirit relate to having emotional intelligence.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.



Book Review: The Set-Apart Woman by Leslie Ludy


What does it mean to be a set-apart woman? Leslie Ludy, co-author of When God Writes Your Love Story, has written a book for women of all life stages, whether they be single or married. Her book, The Set-Apart Woman, is “God’s Invitation to Sacred Living” for Christian women.

Ludy has some personal convictions that she tries to get across to the women she urges to be “set-apart”. One is that there are so many distractions that would pull women away from being fully focused on Jesus Christ. Among these are technology and entertainment. Ludy also advocates for strong knowledge of the Bible, and she provides a lot of help to those who want to get more familiar with what the Bible says. She provides her own personal experiences of how knowing what the Bible says provided her with truth to combat difficult circumstances. She’s also deeply concerned with the problem of Christian persecution and warns that we should not be so wrapped up in our own problems that we aren’t willing to sacrifice our own lives for the cause of Christ.

There are many strong points of The Set-Apart Woman. Ludy’s motivation for thinking through entertainment consumption is wise but in some ways comes off as too strict. There’s no doubt that mainstream entertainment is becoming more depraved and that social media can act as a platform for gossip or other foolish behaviors. However, I almost had the impression that if the entertainment you’re consuming is fun (but not spiritual), you shouldn’t be doing it.

FTC Disclosure: Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.