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Brave A Teen Girl’s Guide to Beating Worry and Anxiety

How often do you see headlines in the media about mental health?

How is our country’s overall awareness of what mental health means?

What about teens – how are they doing?

Sissy Goff is a professional counselor, and her new book, Brave, is centered on the well-being of young girls. She wants to help girls beat worry and anxiety.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Right off the bat, this book was different from what I expected, because the author talks straight to the teenage girl experiencing anxiety, NOT to her parents. The author isn’t speaking to the parents – it isn’t “you and your Mom” or “you and your Dad” – the author is writing directly to the teen girl, which makes this book different.

A few things to note as to how and why I read this book… I was provided a free copy of this book; I was not reading it for the reason it was written. I’m an adult woman and the author is not writing to me; the author is writing to teenage girls. The author mentions her counselling practice and paints a picture about some of the lives of the girls she is helping (some of them being young ladies with very busy, over-scheduled lives – who would really benefit from dropping an activity from their schedules). So, I imagined some of the young teens this book might be purchased for: busy young teens who are already crushing it in their school classes, those that have an after-school roster full of extracurricular studies, and maybe even working an after-school job… and I wondered when will they actually have time to read this book? This isn’t a critique against the book, but still a question that has to be asked if you’re thinking about this book. This book is good, but it is not going to replace counselling if that is needed for your daughter.

Start Spring Cleaning, Get Paid

Need some extra cash? Kick off your spring cleaning and get paid for it! ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift shop. Care about the environment and sustainability? Recycling is built into ThredUp’s mission! Purge your closet from the clothes that you no longer want, need, or wear- try selling your clothes on ThredUp! Check it out here- it’s easy!

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