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Book Review: Life After Art by Matt Appling


When was the last time you stepped inside an art room? Were you in fifth grade, maybe sixth grade?

Matt Appling is passionate about art and with good reason: he is an art teacher. But he wants you to see some art in your life regardless of your profession, whether you stare at spreadsheets all day or whether your domain is tending a home.

Appling begins by laying out much of what he sees in his elementary art classroom: observations of how children begin as curious artists and how they are unashamed of creating art. He ties his observations of art to what he believes are bigger lessons about life and how these relate to life as a person of Christian faith.

His arguments, observations, or opinions build momentum to a crescendo that makes a pivotal point in chapter six. This central point is what the entire book has been progressing towards.

Up to this point, his arguments have been strong, his thoughts have been well-developed, and his words well-written.

His opinions will resound with not only art educators but also those who teach music and drama.

But after he makes his central point, it left me with a feeling of “That’s it? What else is there?”

The result was the feeling of riding a roller coaster of speed, loops, and maybe even being turned upside down, all to arrive at a high point, to find that there is no drop after reaching that high point.

FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through the Moody Publishers Book Blogger Program in exchange for my honest review of this product.