Book Review: God’s Always Loving You

Have you ever read a children’s book that seemed to have a message that adults could also relate to? I’ve started reading/reviewing children’s books, and I’m noticing that the best kinds of children’s books are written for kids, but the grown-ups can get something out of it too (if they search for it). Disclosure: IContinue reading “Book Review: God’s Always Loving You”

Book Review- Hello from Here – Kids Book

As adults, we might miss the people that we can’t see very often. We might call, send letters, or use other forms of communication to show we care. Can kids understand this? Can small children grasp the concept of “love from afar”? Writer Pamela Kennedy has partnered with Illustrator MacKenzie Haley to show that yes,Continue reading “Book Review- Hello from Here – Kids Book”

Mom vs Dad Whose Side Are You On?

Get a look inside the lives of one husband and wife. Happily married, but unable to set their differences aside, perhaps you can be their referee in these fun-spirited fights. Which side will you take? Team Mom or Team Dad? Lucy and Tom Riles duke it out (with the best of intentions) in Mom VsContinue reading “Mom vs Dad Whose Side Are You On?”

Awakenings the Early Days by Ryan Phillips (Book Review)

Where and when have you felt most inspired? For missionary and pastor Ryan Phillips, living in Hawaii was inspiring. Waking up to the sunrise, spending time in solitude with God, Ryan felt spiritually awakened, and he was inspired to journal his thoughts. Who wouldn’t feel energized, inspired, and refreshed by such a beautiful sight likeContinue reading “Awakenings the Early Days by Ryan Phillips (Book Review)”

Book Review: 100 Bible Stories for Children

What’s your favorite Bible story? Do you remember the first time you heard it or what you thought about it? If you grew up in church your answer might be very different from someone who came to faith as an adult. If you come back (or do a first read of) some classic stories inContinue reading “Book Review: 100 Bible Stories for Children”