Walk Run Soar Book Review

If there’s a runner in your life that you need a gift for this holiday season, Walk Run Soar could be the perfect gift. This book is part-devotional, part-motivational, part-fitness inspiration. Dorina Gilmore Young does most of the writing, but her husband – who also shares her passion for running- makes some contributions. His “NotesContinue reading “Walk Run Soar Book Review”

3 Life Lessons from The Office’s Michael Scott

Although it’s been off TV for several years, I’m a huge fan of The Office. There’s no season and no episode of the show I don’t like. If you’re not familiar with it, the main character of the show – played by Steve Carell – is office manager Michael Scott, a man living and workingContinue reading “3 Life Lessons from The Office’s Michael Scott”

How to Make a New Year’s Resolution – and Stick to It

How was your Christmas? I had a good one. The next holiday on the calendar is not just a day, but the new year. 2019 is right around the calendar. Turning the page for a new year is a big event. Even if you just stay home and watch TV, a new year is alwaysContinue reading “How to Make a New Year’s Resolution – and Stick to It”

How to Stay Sane During Unemployment

If you’ve experienced a job loss, you might have been excited at first to have some time off from the daily grind. But, when the newness wears off, you realize that the effort of finding a new job takes some time. Finding your dream job, or even just your next job, can take more timeContinue reading “How to Stay Sane During Unemployment”