Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue: Book Review

Title: Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue Author: Steve Searfoss How long is this book? 118 pages Format reviewed: Paperback How did you first hear about this book? Twitter I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Summary: During the summer, a young boy named Chance wants to buy aContinue reading “Twelve Weeks to Midnight Blue: Book Review”

My Hat by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green

What happens when you lose something and the weather doesn’t cooperate? Find out in My Hat, by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green. The authors of this book have a special relationship: Vinny is Jaila’s uncle, and Jaila was going into sixth grade when this book was written. I’m not sure how they decided onContinue reading “My Hat by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green”