Active Shooters in Houses of Worship

Years ago, the term “active shooter” did not exist in our common vocabulary. Today, it does, and active shooters take out their evil in various locations. This sad reality occurs in schools, shopping malls, and places where people worship. In his book Active Shooters In Houses of Worship, Vinny Green discusses how shootings in churchesContinue reading “Active Shooters in Houses of Worship”

A solution to #MeToo?

Is there a solution to #MeToo? Day after day we’ve been bombarded with headlines of men behaving badly in the news. Popular men, celebrities, politicians, well-liked men, who’ve done things that have shocked and disappointed us all. We’ve all grown tired of these sad headlines. It’s time for a change. It’s time to hear aboutContinue reading “A solution to #MeToo?”

Robots or Rebels by Robert P. Pruitt: Book Review

What do you think of when you hear the word legalism? Do you envision a long list of rules, regulations and duties to be followed in order to be considered faithful? Do you picture well-meaning people who have simply lost their way on their quest to be found obedient? In Robots or Rebels, Robert PruittContinue reading “Robots or Rebels by Robert P. Pruitt: Book Review”