6 Things to Buy When You’re Almost Out of Grocery Money

What would you do if you were almost out of money to buy groceries? It’s understandable if that would cause you to go into a panic mode. But it’s not just a hypothetical scenario – some people are actually facing that question now. Due to the government shut down, some people are actually having to […]

I Can’t Afford College: What to do When You Can’t Afford School

  (Photo by Psychonaught via Wikimedia Commons) Can you afford to go to college? If you’ve already saved money from a part-time job and looked into applying for scholarships, and you still don’t have enough money for school, you might be ready to give up. But before you do,…

Personal Finances Personal Freedom by Chanty Webb: Book Review

      From the outside looking in, Chanty Webb and her husband should have had no problem paying their bills or making ends meet. On the inside, however, their financial house was a disaster. Webb’s book Personal Finances Personal Freedom uncovers how a nurse and her gainfully employed husband, also a college graduate, found […]