Jesus Freaks Book Review

They received death threats. They were warned to say they would stop believing. They were told that if they did not change their actions, there would be dire consequences. All of this because of their relentless dedication for a Gospel that is still, today, deemed offensive to so many people. Jesus Freaks tells the storiesContinue reading “Jesus Freaks Book Review”

Why I’m Passing Out Bible Tracts This Halloween

This Halloween, I’m doing something a little different. Fall is already here. The leaves have already changed their colors. I’ve got pumpkins. (And I’ve already skipped a season ahead and started thinking about Christmas, but that’s something for a different day.) Whether or not I will wear a costume, is yet to be decided (somethingContinue reading “Why I’m Passing Out Bible Tracts This Halloween”

42 Seconds by Carl Medearis [Book Review]

Most people probably think of Jesus’ interactions with people in the big ways, but what about the small ways? Is it possible that Jesus made just as big of an impact on people’s lives in the small exchanges as he did in the big, long sermons? Carl Medearis thinks so. In his new book, 42 SecondsContinue reading “42 Seconds by Carl Medearis [Book Review]”