Fueled by Fire

Staci Wallace has had a long career in the business world. She is also a Christian woman interested in the idea of femininity and the role this plays in a woman’s life. What pressures do Christian women face in their careers? How do Christian women feel faced to conform to the world in their dailyContinue reading “Fueled by Fire”

Home Made Lovely

Wish you could make your home beautiful? Wondering how you can make your home clutter-free and lovely, like the ones you see on TV? Meet this new book, Home Made Lovely. Home Made Lovely is a different kind of decorating book. It isn’t just about decorating your home; it’s about decorating your heart. Decorator andContinue reading “Home Made Lovely”

Active Shooters in Houses of Worship

Years ago, the term “active shooter” did not exist in our common vocabulary. Today, it does, and active shooters take out their evil in various locations. This sad reality occurs in schools, shopping malls, and places where people worship. In his book Active Shooters In Houses of Worship, Vinny Green discusses how shootings in churchesContinue reading “Active Shooters in Houses of Worship”

Spiritual Intelligence

We’ve all heard of IQ, and you may heard of EQ, but have you ever heard of SQ? Probably not. Your intelligence quotient and your emotional quotient might measure how intellectually-smart or emotionally-smart you are, but Kris Valloton is proposing a third dimension of intelligence: a Spiritual Quotient. It may be surprising that a neurologist,Continue reading “Spiritual Intelligence”

Minutes Matter by K.R. Mele (Book Review)

Ever think about how you’re spending your time? It’s easy for a day, a week, or even a year to slip away. We may wonder where the time went. Life can leave us feeling that there’s not enough time for all that we must do. K.R. Mele takes a slightly different approach to time management.Continue reading “Minutes Matter by K.R. Mele (Book Review)”