Singled Out: Book Review

Living Single In a world where pairing off is the norm and marriage makes a happily-ever-after, how can single women be happy? Nikki Derouin answers this question in her new book, Singled Out. Derouin’s dream of becoming a wife and mother didn’t come to fruition. Now, she isn’t on a mission to help ladies findContinue reading “Singled Out: Book Review”

Just 18 Summers

How much time do you have to spend with your child? You have Just 18 Summers, which is the essential message of this book by Rene Gutteridge and Michelle Cox. The novel weaves the lives of four families together. Each family is very different in their personality and the challenges they’re facing. What the membersContinue reading “Just 18 Summers”

Beautiful on the Mountain by Jeannie Light: Book Review

A rural church has been closed for years. It sits abandoned, and a request has been made for it to be re-opened. Poverty is a concern in this area but a spiritual leader’s guidance could unite people. Is an inexperienced person, with no theological training or pastoral experience, really the ideal person to get thisContinue reading “Beautiful on the Mountain by Jeannie Light: Book Review”

Declutter Now!

Have you ever felt surrounded by clutter, powerless to get it under control? While it’s unclear if husband and wife team Lindon and Sherry Gareis have ever felt this way- they are professional de-clutterers so to speak – they do know that it’s worth looking for the root of the problem. There seems to beContinue reading “Declutter Now!”

How to Become a Book Blogger

Interested in blogging about books, but not sure where you can join a publisher’s book review program? I’ve enjoyed the perks of reading newly-released and soon-to-be-released books through several book blogger programs. While publishers vary in how they run their programs, the structure is typically the same: you select a book, read it, and postContinue reading “How to Become a Book Blogger”