Mom vs Dad Whose Side Are You On?

Get a look inside the lives of one husband and wife. Happily married, but unable to set their differences aside, perhaps you can be their referee in these fun-spirited fights. Which side will you take? Team Mom or Team Dad? Lucy and Tom Riles duke it out (with the best of intentions) in Mom VsContinue reading “Mom vs Dad Whose Side Are You On?”

Four Marks of Date-Worthy Men (Or Women)

There’s a new show on Netflix called Back With The Ex that has a unique premise. Four former couples – who dated and separated for various reasons – have a chance to re-unite and decide: Do we want to give this another go? Or should we stay apart, forever? It’s interesting to watch couples goContinue reading “Four Marks of Date-Worthy Men (Or Women)”

Would you marry a stranger?

Would you marry a stranger? For most people, the easy and obvious answer to that question is “No!” But for the couples that are the subject of the new book Betrothed from Olive Press Publishers, that question is a little more complicated than it appears. Betrothed is a collection of love stories of Christian menContinue reading “Would you marry a stranger?”