How to Save Money on a Job Search

When you’re actively searching for a job, you may be anxious to land a new gig, Especially if you’re unemployed,┬ánot having a job can create lots of stress – wondering how you’ll pay your rent, house payment, car payment, groceries, or even wondering where you’ll find the money to put gas in the car toContinue reading “How to Save Money on a Job Search”

How to Have a No-Spend Weekend

If you’re accustomed to celebrating every weekend by spending money, it can be a challenge to change your ways if money gets tight. But if you set your mind to it, you can have a no-spend weekend- a weekend that doesn’t involve spending any money. I’m what some call a house cat. I love toContinue reading “How to Have a No-Spend Weekend”

Can a Budget Give You Freedom?

Can a budget give you freedom, or does it have to be restrictive, controlling, and so tight that it makes you feel like a boa constrictor is clamping down on your wallet so tight that it could make a dollar bill scream? The word budget is almost a dirty word to some. If your fundsContinue reading “Can a Budget Give You Freedom?”

Living in Financial Victory by Tony Evans: Book Review

Do you struggle with your finances? Dr. Tony Evans, a pastor and former chaplain of the Dallas Cowboys, has some advice for you in his new book, Living in Financial Victory. Living in Financial Victory is a small book – only about a hundred pages – and it isn’t full of budget worksheets or incomeContinue reading “Living in Financial Victory by Tony Evans: Book Review”