Why I’m Passing Out Bible Tracts This Halloween

This Halloween, I’m doing something a little different. Fall is already here. The leaves have already changed their colors. I’ve got pumpkins. (And I’ve already skipped a season ahead and started thinking about Christmas, but that’s something for a different day.) Whether or not I will wear a costume, is yet to be decided (somethingContinue reading “Why I’m Passing Out Bible Tracts This Halloween”

Book Review: Kingdom Single

  Depending upon the denominational circles in which she finds herself, a Christian woman might be the exception if she isn’t married by 25, making it difficult to find peers who can relate to her life as a Christian single in a world where sex before marriage and cohabitation are the norm. There are plentyContinue reading “Book Review: Kingdom Single”

PREPARE Living Your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture

As Americans, it’s easy to feel free, but J. Paul Nyquist wants American Christians to be aware of changes to their religious liberty. In his new book, Prepare, he explains why American Christians need to ready themselves for changes to their way of life, and why they need to get ready for religious persecution. Why,Continue reading “PREPARE Living Your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Culture”

Exploring Christian Theology by Holsteen & Svigel- Book Review

Have you ever taken the time to stop and consider why you believe what you believe? If you’re a Christian, it’s crucially important to think about your belief system and how it’s different from others. What do you believe about life and death, what are your opinions about an afterlife, and do you believe thatContinue reading “Exploring Christian Theology by Holsteen & Svigel- Book Review”