My Hat by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green

What happens when you lose something and the weather doesn’t cooperate? Find out in My Hat, by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green. The authors of this book have a special relationship: Vinny is Jaila’s uncle, and Jaila was going into sixth grade when this book was written. I’m not sure how they decided onContinue reading “My Hat by Jaila Marie McCoy and Vinny Green”

Active Shooters in Houses of Worship

Years ago, the term “active shooter” did not exist in our common vocabulary. Today, it does, and active shooters take out their evil in various locations. This sad reality occurs in schools, shopping malls, and places where people worship. In his book Active Shooters In Houses of Worship, Vinny Green discusses how shootings in churchesContinue reading “Active Shooters in Houses of Worship”