Book Review: God’s Always Loving You

Have you ever read a children’s book that seemed to have a message that adults could also relate to? I’ve started reading/reviewing children’s books, and I’m noticing that the best kinds of children’s books are written for kids, but the grown-ups can get something out of it too (if they search for it).

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

God’s Always Loving You

This charming book, God’s Always Loving You, is published by Worthy Kids. Writer Janna Matthies and Illustrator Airin O’Callaghan have teamed up to create a charming board book. Its perfect for those little hands that need something sturdy to hold on to. I’ve been missing the beach lately, so I love/loved the back cover.

This book is full of situations meant to show kids that no matter what’s going on, God is always loving them. Seems a simple enough lesson, right? Children’s books can be a great reminder of the simple truths that we learned as children, yet, struggle to hold on to (or remember).

God’s Always Loving You shows typical childhood fears- fear at bedtime, fear of thunderstorms. It also shows some good times – helping a neighbor, or fun on the playground – and shows that God is there too.

I thought this was a great book for young kids and that the scenarios were realistic and relatable. This would be a great book for the young child in your life.


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Love This Laundry Detergent!

Have you ever used a plant-based laundry detergent? How about a biodegradable laundry detergent? Maybe it’s not something you really think about. I know when I do my laundry, I’m really just thinking about how to get my clothes clean as quickly as possible, in the easiest way possible. Can you relate?

Doing the laundry and having it being a “relaxing experience” probably doesn’t sound quite right either. Typically, I go with the no-frills, plain, unscented liquid detergent, because it gets the job done.

Disclosure: I’m a member of Seventh Generation’s Generation Good Advocates Community. I received free product samples and a free product coupon.

Enter Seventh Generation laundry detergent. This liquid laundry detergent was lavender scented. Ahh, lavender, my favorite scent for busting stress. I tear open the pack, and the scent hits me. Wow! As I mentioned before, I usually don’t buy scented detergent. One of my reasons for not buying scented detergent is my concern for what’s in the product – what might it do to my skin? What kind of weird chemicals are in it? What might it do to my body? So, I typically try to keep it simple. But, the plant-based nature (no pun intended) of this product made me feel more comfortable trying it.

I degress; back to the scent. For me, not being accustomed to laundry detergents that are scented – wow! This was a change! The lavender scent was really something! I loved it! But it wasn’t so overwhelming that it was overpowering.

As far as how this new product worked once I was wearing my clothes? So far, so good! (knock on wood) My skin can have a mind of its own, and I sometimes prefer to use products geared towards folks with “sensitive skin”… but this worked for me! No issues. Overall, I am super satisfied with this detergent, and I’m so happy I tried it!


Book Review- Hello from Here – Kids Book

As adults, we might miss the people that we can’t see very often. We might call, send letters, or use other forms of communication to show we care. Can kids understand this? Can small children grasp the concept of “love from afar”?

Writer Pamela Kennedy has partnered with Illustrator MacKenzie Haley to show that yes, there are many ways to show love from a distance. I can think of no better book to give to a small child to show your love during these strange times.

Hello from Here
Written by Pamela Kennedy
Illustrated by MacKenzie Haley

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

And yet, this book holds no mention of the “p” word – pandemic, or plague. This book keeps things happy. It will remain relevant for times when loved ones are separated from each other for other circumstances. Whether it’s a separation due to moving, divorce, military service, or other circumstances, this is a pleasant children’s book that shows young children that there are so many ways the adults in their lives can say “I love you” – even if they are not physically close.

I loved this book, and I have already chosen who to pass it on to so they can read it next. I would highly recommend this book as a pleasure for any child to read… as a gift that will assure them that they are loved!


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Brave A Teen Girl’s Guide to Beating Worry and Anxiety

How often do you see headlines in the media about mental health?

How is our country’s overall awareness of what mental health means?

What about teens – how are they doing?

Sissy Goff is a professional counselor, and her new book, Brave, is centered on the well-being of young girls. She wants to help girls beat worry and anxiety.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Right off the bat, this book was different from what I expected, because the author talks straight to the teenage girl experiencing anxiety, NOT to her parents. The author isn’t speaking to the parents – it isn’t “you and your Mom” or “you and your Dad” – the author is writing directly to the teen girl, which makes this book different.

A few things to note as to how and why I read this book… I was provided a free copy of this book; I was not reading it for the reason it was written. I’m an adult woman and the author is not writing to me; the author is writing to teenage girls. The author mentions her counselling practice and paints a picture about some of the lives of the girls she is helping (some of them being young ladies with very busy, over-scheduled lives – who would really benefit from dropping an activity from their schedules). So, I imagined some of the young teens this book might be purchased for: busy young teens who are already crushing it in their school classes, those that have an after-school roster full of extracurricular studies, and maybe even working an after-school job… and I wondered when will they actually have time to read this book? This isn’t a critique against the book, but still a question that has to be asked if you’re thinking about this book. This book is good, but it is not going to replace counselling if that is needed for your daughter.


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Homeschooling Resource Roundup

Are you new to homeschooling? Are you loving the pace of learning online or still trying to find your stride? No matter which camp you are in, you’ll enjoy the free insights from Oak Meadow’s Living Education free online journal.

This edition focuses on how life has changed due to the pandemic, and more importantly, how we can thrive in the midst of it. I offer up a ton of FREE places where you can learn online! This includes amazing places to learn online about art, music, history, and more! You can check out the Living Education journal here and you can check out my “Resource Roundup” here.


After Intermission

If you’ve ever caught the acting bug, you probably understand why theatre goers and actors all over are aching for the time when it will be safe to lift restrictions, and the “show will go on” as normal.

If not, you may be wondering why all the creative types are missing the arts so much right now.

Either way, join me and my friends at Shine-a-Light Press to get some perspective on why the arts are loved, and what the arts truly do here.


Jesus Freaks Book Review

They received death threats.

They were warned to say they would stop believing.

They were told that if they did not change their actions, there would be dire consequences.

All of this because of their relentless dedication for a Gospel that is still, today, deemed offensive to so many people.

Jesus Freaks tells the stories of people across the globe who have suffered for one thing: their belief in Jesus Christ. People who were abused by their own families because they would not adhere to another religion. People who were held captive in a prison by their country’s government, tortured because they would not take back their belief in the God of the Bible. People who could not believe what they wanted to believe without harmful retaliation.

These threats are not extinct, as many of our brothers and sisters across the globe are persecuted for simply being Christians. Possessing a Bible is against the law in some of these places; worshiping in secret is the only option for Christians to gather together. For them, the concept of having a church building is not an option. For them, the church is truly the people, not a building.

Jesus Freaks is vital reading for any Christian who wants to examine their own dedication to their faith. It is a wake-up call for those of us in the Western world who have enjoyed such a wide variety of freedom in comparison to our brothers and sisters in the persecuted world.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


Sports, Garth Brooks, & Music Ed

Today I talk about sports, Garth Brooks, and the importance of music education with my friends from Shine-A-Light Press. I’m guest blogging about Teamwork, Drive, and Winning- What’s Music Education Got to Do With It? You can read my post here.


Need Help Homeschooling?

Need a little help with homeschooling?

Or are you on the other end of the spectrum, with years of homeschooling experience under your belt, and a routine that works for your family?

No matter where you find yourself, a little inspiration never hurts.

My friends at Oak Meadow have just released the spring edition of their free online journal. This edition asks the question Dear Earth, How Can We Help?

You can read the full issue here and check out my tips for how to teach a basic appreciation for the planet (even if science isn’t your best subject) here.

Book Review: Talking With God by Dick Eastman

Do you ever think about what prayer is? Do you ever think about how prayer is “supposed” to be? Dick Eastman does, and his new book Talking With God is dedicated to this. You’re definitely not alone if you’re wondering “How am I supposed to pray?” That question – how am I supposed to pray – is an ancient one, certainly asked by Jesus’ own disciples. It had to have been when He presented them with the Lord’s Prayer.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my review.

Talking With God, stays true to its proposal that it gives a “plan” for prayer, as it seems to propose a certain structure. If there was ever a book that “dissected” prayer, this would be it. If you can picture the Color Wheel that artists use – the way that they divide color to understand how it is created – what Eastman shows is similar. This circle is split into 12 sections – like a pizza – and each of the 12 sections shows a phase during prayer. The spontaneous prayer of the Criminal on the Cross certainly would not fit into this model of prayer. Nor would a lot of typical, everyday prayers that people pray… so I would probably call this a book about “planned prayer” – which, when we are in desperate situations, do we really plan what we are going to say? Do we plan how we are going to approach God when something happens in the truly awful moments of life? Prayer can be a lifeline for us to navigate these times, and there is no guidebook for those moments. What you gain from this book will greatly be influenced by your own theology and opinions of how prayer should work and how structured a person’s approach should be in their own private, personal moments with their Creator.

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