Homeschool Theatre: Why It Matters

Are you interested in homeschooling or incorporating theatre into what you already have going on with your homeschooling family?

If so, check out Living Education, a magazine published by the folks at Oak Meadow. Based in Vermont, Oak Meadow provides independent learning and homeschool options for families interested in something besides traditional public school education. Living Education is a free publication that you can sign up for, and the current issue can be found here. You can check out my article, “Homeschool Theatre: Why It Matters” on pages 24 and 25.

I Can’t Afford College: What to do When You Can’t Afford School

(Photo by Psychonaught via Wikimedia Commons)

Can you afford to go to college?

If you’ve already saved money from a part-time job and looked into applying for scholarships, and you still don’t have enough money for school, you might be ready to give up.

But before you do,…

Teacher Appreciation Week is here

National Teacher Appreciation Week is here. The week of Monday, May 5, through Friday, May 9, is being celebrated nationwide as a week to say “thank you” to teachers, assistants, coaches, school nurses, guidance counselors, and all the other educational professionals working hard to improve students’ lives.

It isn’t too late to thank a teacher…