Cheap Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Remember the days of being a kid on summer vacation? Not having a care in the world was the best thing! Perhaps, though, your child has hit that spot where they’re saying they’re bored! I offer up some cheap ways to prevent summer brain drain (and keep your child occupied) at the Shine-a-Light Press website.Continue reading “Cheap Ways to Prevent Summer Brain Drain”

Eyes On Culture: Multiply Excellence In Your School

What does success look like in a school? Is it possible for all kids to succeed? What does it look like to hold teachers accountable? All these questions and more are answered in Eyes on Culture: Multiply Excellence In Your School by Emily Paschall. Paschall shares her passion for education and her experiences as aContinue reading “Eyes On Culture: Multiply Excellence In Your School”

Pause. Breathe. Flourish.

Remember when Oprah Winfrey was always talking about “living your best life”? William D. Parker is talking about how teachers can live their best life, and he has some tips about work-life balance. Parker moved up the ranks in education from being a teacher, to assistant principal, to principal, to becoming an speaker to audiencesContinue reading “Pause. Breathe. Flourish.”

Tips for Homeschooling & Music

  Is it hard to believe that it’s back-to-school already? Believe it, friends. The school year is young, so if you haven’t gotten back into the groove just yet, no worries. I have a freebie for you-  Oak Meadow’s  journal, Living Education . Oak Meadow is a school offering distance learning options for homeschoolers. The fallContinue reading “Tips for Homeschooling & Music”